Adimo connects FMCG & CPG brands directly with consumers. These brands suffer from what we call "The Marketing Memory Gap": customers can be instantly attracted to their product or promotion via on and offline marketing channels, but to take action, they need to actively remember the promotion, find the product instore or online and add the product to their basket when they next visit (with all the distractions of their current shopping). Without resorting to print coupons, they have no way to link marketing spend with sales. This is inefficient and ineffective. Adimo fixes this. It puts brands directly into baskets. Our technology integrates with any form of marketing to make it shoppable, shortening the path to purchase and putting brands in baskets. Visit our site to learn more.
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06.11.2018Turing Fes...Turing Fest has revealed the f...--digit.fyi/...
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