Modern tech for pets The ADHDog Home Feeder is an internet-connected feeder and mental exercise system. The feeder comes with two or more buttons (think floor lights) which you can hide around your home. You activate your feeder through the ADHDog site, which causes it to choose one of the buttons at random to light up and start beeping. Your pet then finds the button and has to press it, which causes the feeder to dispense some kibble. This process is repeated until it has dispensed the amount of food you had set, giving your pet one heck of a mental workout in the process. Currently in beta. The Climber's Leash is a leash for people who 1) love climbing, and 2) have a dog that loves to pull on walks. Our 3D printed grip attaches to your leash via a bungee, letting you work out your fingers and calluses without risking injury or losing your dog. Available now.
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