adept dependency management At AdeptHub, we have the ambition to dominate the world of software libraries. A software library contains code that enables developers to reutilise functionality that somebody else has written. AdeptHub is a repository for Adept, an open-source library/dependency management system created by the same people. AdeptHub disrupts the current market by being the first large library management system that is platform and programming language agnostic. As a repository, AdeptHub provides hosting for Adept, but also compatibility with other existing solutions. Developers can use AdeptHub to host open source libraries for free. Sharing private libraries will possible for a fee. There will also be an enterprise version of AdeptHub for companies that need to host their own libraries. When AdeptHub becomes the place where developers consume and discover libraries, other types of revenues will be possible as well, such as advertisements and app-store like functionalities.
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