Social Discovery Platform Ages 40+ AddMeToo is social discovery platform (currently existing as an iOS beta) targeted to people 40 and over. Extensive research has shown that loneliness and social isolation are becoming increasingly prevalent in people as they go through different stages in life, which carries significant health risks. AddMeToo allows you to create, discover and join events of all sizes, meet new people, form groups, and connect with people around you. By targeting people 40+, AddMeToo curates a network of people and events/activities that aligns to the needs and desires of people in the second and beyond stages of life. Our target consumers are people who have seen their social relationships and activity decrease as they enter different life stages (empty nest, retirement, relocation, divorce, becoming a widow/er). Maintaining previous friendships or forging new ones can be very challenging and we are providing a targeted option for the growing number of people who find themselves in this position.
Member count: 1-10