Additive Implants
Spinal Implant company FDA approved with: sales, patent protection SureMAX and SureMAX-X cervical cages are 3D printed titanium interbodies for spinal fusion. We are FDA approved, and have IP that allows a titanium implant to have lower stiffness making usable in all patients. Additionally our products offer more sizing than existing implants. We have or are in the process of establishing sales in 7/10 largest Metro Areas in US. We have further demand of the product, but we need additional capital to help support additional sales. We also have a product pipe line with hopes of introducing a new products every 6-9 months. Our plan is to grow the business and establish positive outcomes from surgeries and exist with sale to large strategic. We have seasoned team at the helm, excellent Quality, and compliance. With a proven supply chain that is scale able. We are in process of raising $5M on PreMoney valuation of $18M. This is our first round, company has been founder funded till the start of this round.
Member count: 11-50