Adcomm Mobile
Re-imagining Ringback Advertising for Emerging Markets PROBLEM It is currently impossible for advertisers to reach their intended target demographic in emerging markets. Advertisers are still using antiquated methods to promote products and deals with very low or unreliable ROI. SOLUTION Ringback Tone Advertising. Mobile phone users in emerging markets are price conscious and primarily use pre-paid phones. In exchange for 2 points of data (Age + Gender) we will give mobile phone users free airtime/texts. From then on, every time that mobile phone user makes a phone call they will hear an advertisement until the person they?re calling picks up. OUR ADVANTAGE Adcomm Mobile has developed an algorithm that can generate a detailed data profile on mobile phone users akin to how Google generates data profiles on internet users. So, we enable advertisers to reach their target demographic in emerging markets where it was once impossible to do so. This is a game changer for mobile advertising in global markets.
Member count: 1-10