AdapTech Solutions
Best Start-Up In-a-Box Adaptech Solutions is a leading software consultancy helping companies envision, design and build event-driven systems that reflect the business realities of today while ensuring that they?re easily scalable and maintainable tomorrow. Our clients range from start-ups who want to build a minimum viable product that will form the basis of their platform or product to innovative enterprises looking to leverage their legacy code while building microservices in a responsible and scalable way. We're technology agnostic but offer strong opinions based on our experience and what you?re trying to achieve. We share our expertise with the community through conference key-notes, blog posts and Meetups. We're experts at building event-driven microservices and the patterns and practices that accompany them. Adam Dymitruk, debated the merits of CQRS with Greg Young before Greg coined the term. Adam and business partner Robert Reppel are among the leading practitioners of event-sourced systems