Adam and Eve Word Research
Medicinal Cure for Aging. "Gerevivify" the Panacea.. We have found the Formula necessary to cure the human body of the infection we man have called aging and sickness. Along with the Astoundingly amazing Formula, we have found an Algorithm of processing the Organic compounds, and for processing the soils in which these organics are grown in. We call our Formula "Gerevivify" the Medicine and Methodology of now ending aging. Which cures the Plague infection of which mankind did not even know they have. Then Once cured, the human body can do what it does best, live and repair itself.. The Stem System as the entire somatic cell system of mankind is infected with the Pandemic plague we at AEWR call the Sensonic plague, due to the many acids made by the disease in the body of Woman/Mankind and all Life forms on earth.. So once we are Cured, the other side of the Universe is our only Limit. Mankind can live Centuries allowing Scientists to be inventors of technology for Eons... Respect AEWR
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