Acriolis India Motors Pvt. Ltd.

Acriolis India Motors Pvt. Ltd.
Acriolis India Motors manufacture and deliver products to help you explore the great outdoors. Do not let that restless spirit fade out – Acriolis’ range of high-performance ATVs and UTVs take you to places unexplored with absolute authority. The story of Acriolis India Motors begins with Mr. Ayush Jadon. Member of the Society of Automotive Engineers of India, our founders developed a keen interest in SAE Baja, a national contest to build and race dune buggies. Experiencing these machines in action at the races sparked a business idea that is now called Acriolis India Motors. India is a stitchwork of every kind of terrain imaginable. From the lofty range of Himalaya to the sands of Thar desert to the national parks dotting the country to a peninsular coastline: India is calling out to us to explore her far reaches. In fact, there are parts of the country that are untouched by urban civilization, places where only specialist off-roaders like ATVs and SUVs can access. Testing their race buggy during the Baja days opened up Ayush and Vishal to the endless possibilities of exploration and adventure in a country such as ours. With the goal of bringing adrenalin-rich riding experience to the wider Indian audience, Acriolis makes and markets a comprehensive range of ATVs and UTVs. India has a fledgeling market catering to the leisure off-road segment, which we aim to nurture and lead in the future. Acriolis India Motors does not believe in anything less than 100 percent reliability and performance. We proudly serve the Indian Army, outfitting them with cutting-edge overlanding UTVs. We have achieved roughly 70 percent localisation in-house for our products. And this is just the beginning. New models designed and built by Acriolis are in the pipeline, due for launch soon. Our range of All-Terrain Vehicles begins from a spunky 150cc to a powerhouse 1000cc ATV, and 800cc &1000cc UTVs for those who take companions for an overlanding experience! Adventure should not be out of reach for anyone. Head out into the great outdoors with Acriolis India Motors!
Location: India, Delhi
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +91 99582 53628
Founded date: 2015