Dermatology OnCall
Dermatology for everyone Dermatology OnCall is a teledermatology service that is taking advantage of the changes in technology and medicine to provide dermatologic care directly to the consumer at a lower cost. As a specialty service, there are many factors that make dermatology less accessible to the average patient. First is access itself, with many patients requiring a referral from their PCP in order to see a dermatologist. Secondly, the cost can be expensive with the average copay being between $30-60, not including the PCP visit copay. Additionally, the deductible can require the patient to pay part or all of the visit (average cost being $75-125 for a visit without any other procedure). Third, the average wait time to see a dermatologist can be between 2-4 weeks in most areas and longer in rural areas. Dermatology OnCall allows the consumer to present their skin condition to a board-certified dermatologist over the internet and get a diagnosis and prescription within 24 hours at a reasonable cost.
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