B2b search for high-end IT services Aciety is eHarmony for corporate IT projects or your Google for outsourcing. It's a platform of professional IT companies and their developers, helping the clients to find the best body-leasing and complete services providers. The platform changes the way specialists or contractors are found and matched with clients. It substitutes the "bidding" process used by conventional freelancing platforms with algorithmic quantified TPQ search engine, shifting the proactive search role from specialists to clients. Aciety is a complete opposite of freelancing platforms. It's b2b focused and targets big clients as well as big projects (5000+ EUR). It offers EMPLOYED professionals only. No Freelancers, no bidding! It is one of the rare marketplaces in this segment. Aciety is developing quantified metrics to assess contractors' performance based on tangible parameters. The business is crowd-funding based for the moment, yet series A venture funding is being sought in Q4 2014.
Total raised: $74K