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Responsiveness Based on users for websites Websites & applications should not just be responsive to different screen sizes & resolutions but also to users. Marfind makes a website responsive to a user in terms of UI & content. All these can be done just by adding a JavaScript to the page. User modelling and responsiveness is controlled by Custom built neural nets and by IBM Watson. UI & Content of a website adapts to the preferences & likes of the user, these user information are collected from all the public profiles of the user & analyzed by our ML algorithms. Marfind CMAS is developed in order to make the adoption of responsiveness 2.0 easy, All the Data can be saved, updated & Managed via marfind user interface and this data can be retried by means of html tags & the name tag in html elements can correctly append data, and the data can be modified in runtime by using JavaScript if it is necessary. With this technology a blog can be built in just 10 lines of html code.

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