Accounting Play
Learn Accounting Fast & Fun Accounting Play uses technology to teach accounting in fast and fun ways. University and private accounting education is generally time consuming and costly. The subject has high drop rates, a large variance in content, and is generally non-applicable to student needs. Accounting Play solves all of these problems. The product line focusses on educating fresh accounting students and professionals. Apps make up the primary product line with illustrated flashcards, lessons, audio, and the Debits & Credits Game. All products are designed to be engaging, relevant, and timeless. Web presence includes video, downloads, and social components. Primary markets are the United States and China, with Accounting Flashcards available for iOS in English, Chinese. Two new releases for iOS will be live by January 2015. Android and other rich media outlets such as podcasts and interactive web tutorials are planned. Educational music has also been written and pending production, dance, and filming.