A Small Business Making Small Business Software Acclivity is a small business making small business software. A re-startup after going through a management buyout. At the end of 2017 Acclivity was acquired by Israeli based Priority Software (ERP) to set up a US headquarters to launch their ERP product line in the U.S. which fills out our product line to cover small and growing businesses. AccountEdge, our core small business accounting software, is for those that love their Macs (yes, we do Windows as well). Covers everything you would expect from a small business accounting app with around 75k customers across several markets. Spun out of Acclivity, Rerun is an internal startup with a year under its belt managing recurring payments and invoice presentment for those small businesses who aren't going to build out their own solution and need help managing many recurring payments. Think fitness centers, private schools, alarm/security companies, landscapers, etc. Listed separately on this site, Rerun will be looking for funding.
Member count: 11-50