Tinder for Investing Appstore Link: itunes.apple.com/us/app/access-invest/id1055445252?ls=1&mt=8 Investors want to see deals, & do so with as little friction as possible. The Access mobile app is an investment delivery & curation tool for investors that aggregates deals from many private deal sources (crowdfunding platforms, P2P lending, etc) & simplifies your search for the right deals Features: ? Hundreds of deals in 1 place, view without individual platform signup ? "Tinder-Like" swipe interface ? Deal organizer for desktop viewing ? Standardized deal summaries for easy analysis ? Diverse deal flow- real estate, startups, alternative assets ? Deal sharing ? Deal curation ? Mobile access Platforms have new channel to reach investors with a lower cost of acquisition. 25+ platforms have signed up Features: ? Targeted Investor Leads ? Investor & Deal Analytics ? Reputation Building Features GUST Profile: gust.com/companies/access-invest Video Overview: youtu.be/ejHC5VBHaLk

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