Access Politics
a social media platform for politics The idea is a social network tailored specifically to the UK and US political systems (but could be adapted to any country) to provide users with a detailed and engaging platform to produce social change. The original idea was based on fantasy football; in which actual politicians and candidates nominated by the public are pitted against each other in sort of live opinion poll, with their ideas being the basis for popularity. The most popular candidates would then appear in a virtual version of congress, senate, house of representatives etc. The candidates would accumulate popularity through engaging with discussions in the forum on important issues in society and coming up with ideas of how to solve them, and thereby gaining users' support. I hope that this concept could become a viable way of encouraging the best people and the best ideas to enter politics, by levelling the playing field, as well as providing a medium to promote more engagement in politics from the public.
Member count: 1-10