- Акселератор онлайн-школ - Акселератор онлайн-школ
Marketplace for selling packaged experience. E-learning aggregator Product is called expamarket. We connect experts on one side who have specific type of knowledge for solving specific type of problem and students. For example "start singing in 2 months", or "lose 10 kg in 30 days", "gain 5 kg of muscles in 30 days", "start speaking chinese in 90 days", "make 7000 usd in 2 months driving uber", "get married in 60 days", "become sushi cook in 30 days". All the courses are packaged as 1-3 months coaching programs promising strong results. If student doesnt get the result he wanted to( didnt get married),he can ask for refund and receives money back. Or he can use this money to get another experience(skill). Courses consist of recorded lessons, live online meetings with experts once a week for 1 hr, mini-groups in messenger, skype calls in mini groups once a week with teamleader, diaries every day etc. We already launched 4 products in Russia. Online fitness, singing, learn 3d max, english courses. Each product is making 500 000 - 1 mln usd per year.
Location: Russia, Moscow

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