Academic Path
Student Information Degree Mapping System Academic Path is the first degree ?mapping? software for students and academic advisors. Academic Path gives students a graphical view of all classes necessary for each degree. Academic Path integrates with each school's existing information systems. It's not just a list of classes necessary to achieve a degree in school, rather its a full-spectrum real-time graphical mapping system. Academic Path is a degree GPS Most mobile phones have a GPS which guides you to your destination. Academic Path however gives you this exact same functionality when achieving an education. A student can log in at any time and graphically view and edit their entire degree. Students can pinpoint their exact location, and change their route. Each student can track, plot, and view their degree status at any time as the system automatically aggregates data. Academic Path is a real-time degree mapping GPS designed for school's information systems. Visit for more information.
Member count: 1-10