Well cataloged information about Nigeria in a concise, correct & clean format Problem Statement Apart from online news and blogs which are highly politicised and advert/clickbait driven, it is hard for a Nigerian living in Nigeria to find accurate information on subject matters including health, rights, obligations many others. Fo Non-Nigerians, there is no place to find information that one can trust before going to Nigeria to live, to do business, on tourism or on volunteering. The Mission Give Nigerians an access to useful information about Nigeria that will make them active, informed, productive and successful Nigerians. Give Non-Nigerians interested in Nigeria, useful information about living, working & visiting Nigeria. About Us AboutNigeria.today is an online platform where you can find well cataloged and well written information about Nigeria in a concise, correct and clean format. It is also the best place to find information about government services. Powered and maintained by volunteers from private and government organisations.
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