Create a guide to your city Pica Pica is a mobile tool to keep track, share and discover wonderful things found in everyday life. - Your localogue Keep a record of wonderful things you've experienced. A great homemade cheesecake in a bakery, awesome shoes in a store, street art in a small no-through road, a wonderful sunset in Hawa? or just whatever you loved wherever. You can add to the picture a price, category tag, description and a place. Pica Pica is the perfect tool to create your travelogue of all things you appreciate. - Your city guide People will see what you've picked, and you will help people to discover your city on the go. We are not tourists anymore, we are locals. Walking down the street in Brooklyn and a little hungry? You will not have to go to Starbuck's or Dunkin' anymore, open Pica Pica tap on Snacks > Sweet and you'll find John's favorite cheesecake two-minutes walk away. Enjoy! Pica Pica is your own city guide, filled with what you love but also with what like-minded others pick!
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