Featuring.Me is a completely new way of producing and experiencing music. Combining creativity and passion, collaboration and interaction, artists and consumers, Featuring.Me is truly the future of music. Featuring.Me gives artists the opportunity to push musical boundaries and create an interactive universe for fans and consumers of music. This type of creation facilitates collaboration and promotes artistic exploration. The end product can be as complex or as simple as the artist chooses and is ultimately defined by their vision. A piece of music no longer has to be rigid, rather it can be an evolving, living expression, limited only by the bounds of imagination. Featuring.Me actively involves consumers in the creative process and facilitates meaningful interactions between artists and fans. This offers artists and consumers a unique musical experience and provides avenues for them to forge a relationship previously unavailable. The very nature of Featuring.Me necessarily reduces the ease and likelihood of piracy, and offers a guaranteed revenue stream to artists, allowing the pursuit of music to be not only a creative expression but also financially viable.
Phone: +1 661-412-3579
Total raised: $60K