A Scalable, Flexible Embedded Internet of Things Service Assurance Platform The lack of a standard IoT device application and connectivity architecture creates application security hazards and quality of service risks due to inefficiently accessed and overloaded mobile networks. Able Device?s patented application engine SIMbae? reduces these risks and gives Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) control of how devices interact with the network by enabling the hosting and execution of Internet of Things (IoT) applications on an MNO?s Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) instead of on a discrete embedded CPU dedicated to the application. The SIM is the ideal location to host and execute all aspects of an IoT application because it?s a secure (utilizing network authentication), resettable, processor, updatable via standard Over the Air (OTA) technology. This standardization of the connectivity architecture disintegrates the application from the device and shifts the development and delivery of IoT applications to a software driven app store model independent of the device.

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