Donate Subconsciously All of us are dynamic. We all live hectic lives. We are all busy with our jobs, our families, our friends, our travels, our projects... our dreams. We all also have this innate desire to help others too. But, when helping others take away time and effort away from our priorities, then we start to sweep those charitable actions under the rug. Aatiy was started so that we can all help and donate to charities of our choice while not taking time away from the people we value most. Aatiy's goal is to get all people to become passive philanthropists. In other words, let's get everyone to donate daily and never worry about it. With the aaity app, the change portion of the philanthropist's bank account will get donated daily to a charity of their choice. Not only will the philanthropist be making an impact to society, they will be able to receive tax benefits as well. The philanthropist would also be able to see the aggregate impact they are making as a group. Little time, big change.
Member count: 1-10