Always Available Continuing Education
Engaging Continuing Education We are a new paradigm for on-line continuing education courses for those whose are mandated by law to take further education to renew there licenses. We are initially concentrated on the construction trades but could expand to any profession. We have created a unique user interactive combination of visual and text based courses using the Prezi presentation program. This allows the target audience to be engaged in the learning process. We feel that is will be a superior teaching method to customer who are for the most part are visual- hands on learners. We are quite different from the long textual based articles or videos of lecturer which are the methods used by current CE courses. Frankly most of the customer base are bored out of their mind and wouldn't participate in CEs if they weren't forced to by the government. This creates a tremendous opportunity for our engaging and entertaining product. Even those who aren't in construction are captivated by our Prezis.
Member count: 1-10