Cowork | Network | Grow 91springboard is a startup growth hub. We?re daily driven to make startup journeys easier & more fun through our proven fusion of ..... 1) INFRASTRUCTURE: lively 65,000 sq. ft. spaces between Delhi, Hyderabad,Gurgaon, Noida and Mumbai that supports 250+ entrepreneurs on a full-time basis. Plug & play co-working community with access to essential services like tech, accounts, legal, HR, admin, design, PR, digital marketing etc. 2) COMMUNITY: We organize and host workshops, parties & pitch days. We double up as venues for external startup-related events. Typically 8-10 events per month are held at 91springboard. 3) INCUBATION: We work with few game changing startups every year and become an essential part of their journey, contributing time, contacts, access to capital and frequently hours &hours of lost sleep :) It is backed by a strong management team from Cornell, Stanford, IIM-A and CMU with over 8 years of experience in entrepreneurship and incubation.
Member count: 201-500

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