E-learning for Healthcare Professionals We founded Reabilitei because of our burning desire to transform education for health care providers around the world through an outstanding virtual environment carefully designed to enhance content acquisition . Our transformational goal is to empower people to acquire distinguished knowledge enabling them to attain their fullest potential. Our business model focusing on providing student-centered learning through high-quality video lectures (Full-HD/4K) given by renowned professionals with large experience in both academia and clinical settings. We aim to consistently exceed the expectations of our clients and visitors. From a technical perspective, Reabilitei is different than anything else out there as it is focused on student's performance and content retention. Our email is contato@reabilitei.com.br and we are interested in mutually beneficial partnerships. Please take a look at our beta product at 8c4.7c7.mwp.accessdomain.com See our Deck goo.gl/uwShfj
Member count: 1-10