GOOGLE FOR LATINOS 877-AYUDAME (877-298-3263; ayudame means "help me" in Spanish) is a marketing platform focused on the Latino community. Because of our mnemonic indelibility, and with some advertising, ours will be the first name a spanish speaker thinks of when she needs information of any kind, or help with a broad range of services and topics. We will initially focus on high dollar, high margin services such as legal-medical referrals (think 411-PAIN), while acting as our own service providers in such areas as tax resolution and injury rehab clinics. Longer term, 877-AYUDAME will capture a significant portion of the bail business nationwide and develop a phone app that will completely digitize and streamline the bail process so that the act of bailing out a detainee could be completed in a few minutes using one's cell phone much the way money can now be wired using apps such as Venmo and Cash.
Member count: 1-10