80,000 Hours

80,000 Hours

Last activity: 29.04.2024
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Evidence-based advice on careers that make a difference
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1.4M /mo.
Location: United Kingdom, England, London
Employees: 11-50
Total raised: $120K
Founded date: 2011

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21.07.2020Y Combinat...ycombinato...

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29.04.2024Effective Altruism’s Bait-and-Switch: From Global Poverty To...Effective Altruism (EA) is typically explained as a philosophy that encourages individuals to do the...techdirt.c...
07.03.2024NIST staffers revolt against expected appointment of ‘effect...Join leaders in Boston on March 27 for an exclusive night of networking, insights, and conversation....venturebea...
15.01.2024AI and policy leaders debate web of effective altruism in AI...Last month, I reported on the widening web of connections between the effective altruism (EA) moveme...venturebea...
19.12.2023The widening web of effective altruism in AI security | The ...Join leaders in San Francisco on January 10 for an exclusive night of networking, insights, and conv...venturebea...
13.11.2023OpenAI recruiters are trying to lure Google AI employees wit...Tech OpenAI recruiters are trying to lure Google AI employees with $10 million pay packets, report s...businessin...
24.07.2023Doomer AI advisor joins Musk’s xAI, the 4th top research lab...Head over to our on-demand library to view sessions from VB Transform 2023. Register Here Elon Musk ...venturebea...
22.05.2023Бункер на случай Апокалипсиса. Как будут выживать богатейшие...В 2017 году известный футуролог и теоретик СМИ Дуглас Рашкофф принял приглашение выступить с програм...habr.com/r...
19.05.2023Безопасность СИИ с чистого листаЭто перевод доклада Ричарда Нго 2020 года, в котором он обрисовывает самые простые и не требующие пр...habr.com/r...
20.01.2023Дарим книгу «Гарри Поттер и методы рационального мышления» п...Несколько лет назад мы собрали 11 миллионов рублей на некоммерческую печать «Гарри Поттера и методов...habr.com/r...
03.12.2022Sam Bankman-Fried was the poster boy for 'effective altruism...Sam Bankman-Fried was a proponent of effective altruism: earning as much as possible to give your we...businessin...
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