Discovery Hub for Independent Artists, Filmmakers and their Fans 7GreenLights' rails app (debuting April, 2017) helps independent artists, filmmakers, content-creators, designers, et al through "crowdsourced curation." Proprietary features and metrics enable artists to increase 'discoverability' of their work among relevant fans. Location- and genre-specific, independently-sponsored 'Arenas' (i.e. digital events) function as launchpads for Independent Artists by enabling them to leverage networks of relevant artists' fans/followers to ignite follows and streams as opposed to 'the old way' ? isolated, via their own YouTube/SoundCloud/Bandcamp islands. Arenas empower Independent Artists to generate visibility for their work among *relevant* fans and reap greater returns per download/stream/purchase/subscription/etc. Synergy among artists' networks who arrive to GreenLight? content (building Arena-based playlists in the process) will create super-charged 'discoverability' for ALL participating artists' music, art, fashion, innovation ? collectively.
Location: United States, San Francisco
Member count: 1-10