7 Billion Persons Solution

Stop Climate Change and cut the cost of electricity by 90% with magnet generator Stop Climate Change by creating cheap Carbon Free electricity. We have a working generator powered by solely by permanent magnets that now produces 3 kW. We plan to use modern engineering FEA (ANSYS Maxwell) and infinite rented computer power to create computer simulations and improve the design. Then optimize the design for the 15 kW generator home market and replace power from the utility. The Go-To-Market strategy is to produce 1000 units and place them in service on homes in a no risk transaction for the Homeowner. Homeowner pays only their current monthly electric bill until the generator is paid off, then they pay only 2 cent per kWh royalty and maintenance fee. If it does not work, the homeowner only has to flip a switch to go back to carbon based power from their local utility. Long term, we will license the technology to all comers for 5% of sales plus the end user royalty of 2 cent per kWh.