6PHP Group

Crowdfunding Made Easy 6PHP.com is a next generation donation-based crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs and small business. Our proprietary ForcedFunding system seeks to solve one of the main causes of failed crowdfunding campaigns on reward and donation-based platforms: not having a sufficiently large and responsive social network to tap into for funding. Most struggling entrepreneurs and small businesses are essentially shut out of the crowdfunding process by default, mainly because they just do not have the time it takes to build and nurture a sufficiently robust social network that they can at some point summon for support. It is the vital prerequisite for successful crowdfunding (especially on reward and donation-based platforms). This required hurdle of bringing your own crowd to the platform, has left many projects with great potential, languishing and failing to meet their funding goals. Our ForcedFunding model efficiently eliminates this huge stumbling block for entrepreneurs.