Six Bangla Communications
Vehicle Tracking & Management Solution Product Line 1. mSpy 2. Customized ERP. 3. Custom Enterprise Applications. We intend to be No.1 vehicle tracking & Management Solution provider in Bangladesh. Raising funds for new Hi-Tech brand " "Scandick - VTS/VMS" Vehicle Tracking and Management Solution.In Bangladesh It's an Oligopoly market in Nature. It's a USD $30,000 project breakeven calculate in 10 months, Great ROI. SWOT Strenghts: 1. High Demand Low Supply. 2. Unique Features. 3. Educated and Tech Savy Target Group (TG). 4. First Hi-tech Local Brand. Weaknesses: 1. Pre-mature Industry (Market lacks in terms of Products & service penetration among TG) 2. Oligopoly market, but the competition is not intense yet.slow growth. Opportunities: 1. No serious player in the Market. GrameenPhone is but it's their VAS not core Product thus not a threat but opportunity cuz they charge very high. 2. Few in the market. 2 companies only do in house works. Threats: No burning threats found in MR.