5 Dynamics

5 Dynamics

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We show knowledge workers a better way to work so they improve two outcomes: 1) External results by which performance is measured 2) Internal satisfaction that increases people's engagement and use of talent Uniquely, we enable leaders, teammates, and individual contributors to identify what a project or task needs at any given moment. We call those “Dynamics” and they exist beyond the territory of skills, competencies, and personality. Your employees then learn to match those Dynamics with their own “Energies”, a term that captures the ways in which people prefer to get things done, collaborate, and learn. People dynamically align themselves to the work, and support each other's success. If you want to increase the return and decrease the waste and friction from the “people side” of your operations, 5 Dynamics can help you.
Location: United States, Texas, Lakeway
Employees: 1-10
Phone: +1 800-525-9314
Founded date: 2010