50-50 Gaming

Esports, Mobile app, Video games, Matchmaking, Tournaments 50-50 gaming is an online platform that enables video game enthusiasts to compete in on-on-one competitions, as well as tournaments against other users. Users on the platform compete against one another in their favorite video game titles for real cash prizes. Not only do we serve as a secure third party platform that allows users to wager against one another, we also have a social media component to the site that allows users to share clips, achievements, and various other things pertaining to video games. We currently support NBA 2K20, MADDEN 20, FIFA 20, NHL 20, FORTNITE, APEX LEGENDS, MORTAL KOMBAT, CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE, MARIO KART, and SUPER SMASH BROS on the Xbox One, Nintendo switch and PS4. More games, game modes, and tournament modes are to be added within the near future. We generate revenue by taking 10% of each bet that is placed, as well as another 3% when withdrawing from our website.
Member count: 1-10