Next Generation Energy Recovery Technology 4sphere LLC is a clean technology company based in Los Angeles, Ca. that is dedicated to creating sustainable water and energy generation all over the world. 4sphere has developed an innovative spherical turbine design that addresses the primary problem with current turbines; wake turbulence. The 4sphere turbine can easily be integrated into desalination, water recycling, bio-fuel, and other industrial plants to drastically lower electricity and operating costs. Several benefits are afforded by our current design, which is silent, has zero vibrations, has no revolutions per minute (RPM) limitation, does not cause mechanical failures, and is less expensive than current energy recovery and pressure exchanger systems. The 4sphere turbine can be applied in numerous industries such as: wind, hydro-power generation, desalination, water purification, oil & gas, bio-fuels, mineral mining, and fluid transfer. For more, please visit us at