Fuel is the highest operating cost after labour for businesses in transport and construction. While businesses have long used sophisticated systems to manage labour costs, they are only now starting to do the same with fuel. 4Refuel LP is the leader in Total Fuel Management - a closed-loop system for measuring and managing fuel consumption across national organizations. 4Refuel is already the system of choice for leading businesses in trucking, construction, rail, marine, airports, seaports and mining. Fully integrated and fully automated, 4Refuel is the leading system of fuel cost containment, fuel efficiency, equipment productivity and theft control and security. Total Fuel Management combines professional onsite service with powerful online reporting tools to minimize the cost of obtaining fuel and maximize equipment productivity with the objective of driving a higher return on your fuel investments • automated data collection at every point of fueling • online access to detailed fueling records • web-based tools for cost containment and analysis • automated odometer readings and operating hours • professional handling, convenient service Total Fuel Management is unrivalled by anything in the world. 4Refuel is the Fuel Management system of choice among leading corporations in construction and earth-moving, fleet and transportation, rail and marine, airport and seaport ground services.
Location: Canada, Ontario, Oakville
Member count: 501-1000
Phone: +1 888-473-3835
Founded date: 1995

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