Home rent with a reward Make money from a rented place you're about to move out. All you need is to make three simpe steps 1. Take several fotos and a short video of a place you're living in but going to leave soon 2. Using this foto/video we'll find a peson who would like to rent the home ater you 3. We'll pay you half of our (broker's) fee afer the rent agreement between the owner and the new renter is signed. This model should make renting a flat easy as never before. All the parties are pleased; 1) The home owner do not have idle period and can choose among those people who wants to be the next renter 2) The next renter may pick the flat by just siting in front of his computer (mobile device) and simply watching video. There is no need to spend many hours and even days by visiting different places 3) Current renter is awaiting for the cash reward and makes all up to him to promote the deal. 4) We make our broke's fee from the new renter.