412 Food Rescue

Uber for food waste In the United States, 1 in 6 are hungry. On the other side of the problem, 40% of food goes to waste. Globally, we produce enough food to feed those who are hungry--4 times over. 412 Food Rescue aims to address this disconnect in distribution?in supply and access?by rescuing food about to go to waste and directly distributing to organizations that serve communities in need. 412 Food Rescue is a nonprofit with an innovative technology-based reverse logistics model that fights hunger and promote sustainability. We aggregate and match food donors and beneficiaries, mobilize a dedicated truck as well as a community of volunteers to efficiently and cost-effectively transport food between locations. We tackle the long tail of waste by mobilizing volunteers to rescue and transport food. We combine technology and an innovative incentive program that promotes participation from donors and volunteers, creating a groundswell in moving the needle in the fight against waste and hunger.