40% of food is wasted while 1 in 8 go hungry. Hunger afflicts nearly 200,000 people in our region, many of them children. 412 Food Rescue bridges the disconnect between waste and hunger by rescuing perfectly viable food from going to waste and directly distributing to organizations that serve those who are hungry. We work with food distributors, retailers, caterers and restaurants who want to save food from going to waste. We work with community organizations like shelters, housing projects, backpack projects and soup kitchens to transform what would have been landfill into nutritious, delicious food for our hungry neighbors. Rescuing food not only fights hunger, it also benefits our environment. Food waste is one the largest component of landfills and major cause of green house gas emissions. Powered by Food Rescue Hero, this work is made possible through the use of innovative technology and a network of dedicated volunteers who generously give their time in this fight against hunger and for the environment.
Location: United States, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
Member count: 11-50
Phone: +1 412-277-3831
Founded date: 2015

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