Know your shoppers 4-Tell creates a personalized shopping experience on your ecommerce site. Our product recommendations are based on unique browsing behavior and purchasing history. We continuously work with you to match the look and feel of your e-commerce site. Our strategically placed recommendations create an online experience similar to Brick & Mortar. 4-Tell works the moment a customer lands on your site and continues throughout the entire shopping experience. The result? A 5x increase in time spent on site and number of pages viewed. That increased engagement improves conversion by 4x and increases total sales by 14.9% But how? By collecting data, turning it around and making it actionable in obvious places. Product detail pages, shopping cart, email, category pages, and in predictive site search. To boot we believe you?ll find our business model more attractive. Here at 4-Tell, we don?t believe in annual contracts or the revenue share model. We offer flat monthly pricing based on usage.
Location: United States, Portland

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