The Future of Social Networking 30 seconds is the next stage of evolution in the social networking phenomena. 30 seconds provides a new and unique form of social networking that will allow its users to broadcast themselves. With the emergence of reality TV, this generation wants to be seen and heard by the world. 30 seconds provides the perfect avenue to do so. Having a 30 seconds account will be like having your own little reality TV show that your friends and family can watch and comment on. We at 30 Seconds have devolped a single level referral program, which will help gain profit as well as build up a signifacant user base. For a small monthly fee a user can become a 30 Seconds marketing speciallist known as a Dream Owner or (DO). A DO gains revenue by signing up new users to 30 Seconds. A DO gains revenue from every DO he/she signs up and the activity rate of the regular users they sign up. It is free of charge to sign up has a 30 second user. (For more information about the Dream Owner program contact us)
Member count: 1-10