3 Keys Healing Art

Art that heals your block in a 10 minute visual meditation 3 Keys Healing Art are 3 simple paintings that contain some pretty high vibrational healing energy that work together to draw your problems (like anger, fear, frustration, feeling stuck, loneliness, the blahs... you get my drift) to the surface and clear them, automagically. THE KEYS DO ALL THE WORK, YOU JUST HAVE TO STARE AT THEM FOR A BIT Simply meditate on each Key for 3 minutes until they're complete. Healing light transfers from the painting intuitively targeting the hidden emotional wound or block that needs healing, gently releasing it from your emotional body, moving you to a happier, more peaceful state of being. HEALING BENEFITS - Clears karma, attracting more positive experiences - Improves your relationship with yourself and others - Boosts your confidence and self-esteem - Helps you feel more comfortable with who you are - Increases your vibration - Protects you from attracting negative people and situations
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