2 Tone Boxing Club

2 Tone Boxing Club

The 2 Tone Boxing Club was founded in 2016 in Beachwood, Ohio. It is the only full boxing gym in Beachwood and is host to many classes including Power Hour Boxing, TRX, Quick Tone Boxing, Rock Steady Boxing, and many more. The 2 Tone Boxing Club also offers one on one (1 on 1) personal training. If a group setting is a bit too overwhelming, or you prefer a more private and focused session, we recommend trying our first class, one on one personal training programs. Our Boxing Power Hour is a one hour class focused around the heavy bag with some mitt work, speed bag, full body plyo, and ab and core exercises. Our boxing classes offer a full body workout and can burn up to 1000 calories an hour! You would have to run 8 miles in one hour to burn that! Not only are they a great calorie burn, but they work the entire body helping to tone and shape up and drop any excess fat you may be carrying. Our Rock Steady Boxing classes (we are a Rock Steady Boxing affiliate) are only for our clients with Parkinson's disease. The Rock Steady Boxing program is one of the only quality of life programs for people suffering from Parkinson's disease. In this class, we focus on balance, stamina, strength, power, coordination, breathing, and having a lot of fun. Our goal for Rock Steady is to provide an effective and fun treatment for anyone suffering from Parkinson's as well as to fight the progression of Parkinson's symptoms and provide a vast support system for patients and their families afflicted with this horrible disease. Rock Steady Boxing has been shown to not only slow the progression of Parkinson's, but often times even improving symptoms, fighting depression, helping falls not impact the patient, among many many many other benefits. Please call us if you or anyone you know has Parkinson's as we would love to help. Our mission for the entire club is to improve the quality of life of all of our clients, no matter what they are going through, by using fitness, boxing, and other forms of exercise and activity.
Location: United States, New Jersey, Beachwood
Member count: 1-10
Phone: +1 216-600-0688
Founded date: 2015