2piMails Launch & Catch Messages for the internet of Context 2piMails (Launch & Catch Messages in proximity) is the new messaging for IoC Disruption - New Domain for Internet of Context. Everything that bears the name of the Internet must have as characteristics New domains, new addresses, new hosting, new symbology, and of course can not miss a new messaging NON SPAM, Each of them are the new products. Customers are those who seek to satisfy some need in the vicinity and use a natural means of communication, similar to the one we always use to ask someone other than google. Not all information relevant to the context has google, people and apps also have relevant information. In the case of 2pimails, it is more relevant from where and to where the message goes, as well as its structured content, which allows to communicate what, how much, when, where, how, and who needs to satisfy a need in the context or in the proximity. Finally I wish to place in your imagination the soap bubbles as the atraction and abstraction for this messaging