machine that printing photos from the Instagram social network Our project is a combination of IT and Vending business - machine that printing photos from the Instagram social network. Nowadays Instagram is much more than a social network. People spread their brightest and most memorable moments of their life, but even in this network its easy to lose the memories in a steady stream of new pictures. Our project could be a solution for this problem. Its up to our clients to identify the main pictures - worthy of print ones. Those ones that they would like to look at every day. The product that we sell: 1 printing - 2 Polaroid format photos Based on our name ?2memories?, our point is to give to our clients their most memorable memories (thats it) using only 2 bright pictures. You can hung pictures on the wall, make a collage with them or just simply donate to your friend or relatives. In Europe, it is not accepted to give expensive gifts, so our product is the ideal gift and original souvenir.