Experience winemaking at your fingertip 2makewine is a digital platform for customers to adopt a portion of a vineyard and experience being a winemaker from the comfort of their living room. They can rent a minimum of 10 vines from vineyards anywhere in the world and follow the process from a dashboard, from growing grapes to corking the bottles, collaborating in key decisions to produce their wine and customize their bottle. They experience the privilege of being a part-owner of the winery and be in control of the process while getting a sneak peek behind closed doors. It is a winery without the hassle, a luxury without the price tag and it brings them closer to their passion for wine, creating lasting relationships between wineries and consumers. Wineries get free access to a new communication and marketing channel with global reach, which is easy to use and allows them to increase their market penetration, brand recognition and customer engagement while it streamlines the supply chain to offer wineries higher margins