Chinese Anime & Comic Culture, Where Streaming Meets Social 2Dimensional - ?a freemium Chinese Anime & Manhua Comic social media platform, that allows for the uploading of (UGC) user-generated content, and the purchase of the latest Anime-Donghua & Manhua merchandise from China!? 2Dimensional is the first ACG Culture community fandom, outside of China, that links the East to the West, allowing users of all walks of life to Get Lost in a 2Dimensional World Together. At 2Dimensional we not only strive to be the best niche platform there is. We will grow into a streaming ecosystem that will allow its users to stream their favorite Chinese Donghua-Anime series, while simultaneously purchasing that show?s latest merchandise on the platform store; via functional ShoppableTV technology not utilized before. A Changed World: The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic has reshaped the relationship between the West and China, in a manner that Cultural Communication is needed more than ever, and there is no other form than Animation & Comics that can bring 2Cultures Together. Why animation and comics for Cultural Communication is the key is: Currently the Japanese anime focused streaming platform Crunchyroll has 50M MAU and 2.5M subscribers, and the Korean comic app Webtoon has 65M MAU and 1.5M subscribers. The Chinese Animation & Comic Industry is worth $36BnUSD and is beginning to enter the American market via YouTube, Twitter, Discord, and many 'other' avenues of fandom. 2Dimensional will be the social media and eCommerce platform for Chinese anime, comic and game merchandise; bringing this entire community under one roof. Pitch Deck on Slideshare: slideshare.net/secret/vpHGRgMzTiuNqa
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