Lifestyle brand for the modern, career woman 25 Bedford is a new online brand of modern women's workwear. We worked in finance, we didn't have suitable options to wear to work, & we've created a technology-based solution based on knowing the corporate dress code. We offer an edited collection of separates focused on 3 principles: 1. Purposeful Design: Our product is designed with attention to details required in a professional setting. We use quality stretch fabrics to achieve the perfect fit 2. Clear-Cut Value: We offer Theory quality at J. Crew prices by avoiding retail markup 3. Error-Proof Styling: We developed a modular styling system which allows the consumer to easily mix & match fabrics & colors for separates or a traditional suit. Unlike incumbent workwear brands, we offer a focused, complete solution which fuses product with relevant content to inspire & demystify dress code rules. We do so with an efficient customer acquisition model as our customer is aligned via women's professional networks.
Member count: 1-10