In 2009, the sport of Olympic Taekwondo changed from points awarded by human judges to points awarded by electronic sensors on athletes’ equipment. This change was made to remove the human error and bias that results from such a fast paced and high stakes game. Although the electronic systems have done much to removing human error and bias, they still receive strong criticism from athletes, coaches, referees and spectators alike. Currently, the system of electronic scoring rewards a very limited body type (tall and lean) and limited techniques (cut kicks) and uses a point system that is difficult to understand. Players who are faster or stronger and who can throw a wider variety of kicks have far lower chance of winning. Spectators are disengaged because they can not quickly understand what is going on. These limitations make taekwondo less exciting to watch and less fun to play. 20/20 Armor is a system of equipment and new scoring rules that will drive athletes to perform in a way that keeps the athletes and spectators engaged in the sport. It will allow players of all body types fast, strong, lean and fighting techniques an equal chance to win and uses a scoring method similar to popular video games that is understood in less than 3 seconds by multiple generations - from ages 5 to 55.
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