Digital Diaspora Family Reunion
Transforming Strangers Into Family The DDFR transmedia platform is a powerful tool for bridging perceived differences between people and transforming strangers into family. Even among groups of people who have worked together for years, DDFR provides a safe space for revealing the hidden depths of our common humanity to bring groups closer together and form lasting bonds.We use film, video, live events, social media and workshops (and soon on national TV!) as part of an integrated toolkit designed to break down barriers and inculcate dialogues across cultures and between generations. Our experience with this unique project is that it deeply impacts its participants at a core level. To date, DDFR has held over 45 live DDFR events, in over 30 cities, in partnership with local community organizations, interviewed over 1,250 people, gathered over 25,000 images, recorded over 1,500 hours of video footage, produced over 75 video modules, received over 525,000 views, 100,000 ?Likes,? and had over 70 million impressions.