Competitive Social Networking 1UP is a friendly competition based social media platform with goals to thrive in the social networking industry as well as be the pinnacle of advancement on all fronts by the means of bringing amateurs into the light of professionals as well as bringing the strongest minds in for the opportunity for partnership and sponsorship by the idea of global competition we make possible. The social networking industry is an industry for massive potential for growth. Within the next 5 years it is expected to grow upwards of 25% per year. 1UP has the potential to by pioneers in a new sector of this industry being the first to have friendly competition incorporated into a social network. We incorporate the simplicity of a standard social network like; twitter, instagram, snapchat, and facebook that the users enjoy, then added what the users wanted that the other sites don't have. Competition. Competitiveness is a naturally occurring human instinct that 1UP capitalizes on.
Member count: 1-10